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 Cumbria Entertainments,  Nashville, Tennessee PLEASE NOTE: The PO Box is now "CLOSED"   Use our email service for any orders!

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Remember: any of these can be personally signed to you or someone of your choice.


Book - Pressing On - The Roni Stoneman Story

This a signed copy

The tragicomic life story of one of America's best known Country entertainers. Told with warmth and honesty.

This book recounts the facinating life of Roni Stoneman. The youngest daughter of the pioneering music family "The Stonemans", and a woman who despite poverty became known as "The First Lady Of Banjo". A fixture on the Nashville scene and as HEE HAW's Ironing Board Lady, "Ida Lee" she became a loved musician and comedienne by millions of Americans

Please Note: The Book is Temporarily unavailable from this site.. It can be bought from or any Good Book Store.


Please note: we have seen that certain CD's are being offered for sale on ebay. These are not genuine. Wrong artwork etc.It states they are signed by Roni, but does not say who to. As we know when someone buys a CD it is to do with as they wish. But if signed for a particular person then that is to whom it is dedicated. These are also offerd for sale on ebay at $14.99. As we state we can offer a signed CD, personally to you, or someone of your choice for $12. Your Choice!

Roni's New Single release on CD Baby "The Day The Banjo Dies"  just click in the link below for download:


Selection of Signed CD's

1. First Lady Of Banjo (Instrumental)  

2. Songs My Mama Sang (Gospel)

3. Bummin' Around (Country)

4. Good n' Country         

5. The Stonemans (Roni, Donna, & Patsy sing a selection of old Mountain & Bluegrass music)

6. The Stoneman Tradition (more from Roni, Donna, and Patsy)

7. A Stoneman Christmas (The Stoneman Family)

Price: $12.00 + mail & handling



Sample to left. These can be any photo of your choice state either Roni or one of her characters from Hee Haw.

These are signed by Roni and if requested personilised to an individual. Please see above for oder details.

Price: $5.00 + mail & handling

To Book Roni please contact Roni Direct:.

Cumbria Entertainments and Cumbria Records

phone:  Roni direct on 1-615-809-8456




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