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Bio:  Roni Stoneman, First Lady Of Banjo, and Star of HEE HAW. Banjo Picker, Singer, Songwriter, and Comedienne.

When you think of Banjo Pickers in masculine terms you instantly think of the late Earl Scruggs. If you think in femanine terms, there is none other comes to mind than Roni Stoneman. Both Scruggs and Roni acheived this recognition by mastering and making the Banjo a lifelong career.

Roni was born Veronica Loretta Stoneman and brought up in Carmody Hills,Washington DC. 17th child, and youngest daughter of the legendary Earnest V. (PoP) Stoneman, who became a permanent chapter in countrylore with his induction into "The Country Music Hall Of Fame"

Roni naturally became a member of the much and widely acclaimed Stoneman family band "The Stonemans", who with great success, toured all across the United States and Canada. The family gained national recognition with their own weekly television show, "The Stonemans"

Most can remember "PoP", mama Hattie, Donna on the Mandolin, Patsy, and her brothers, Van, Scotty, and Jimmy, but memorable was Roni on the Banjo. Even then she stood out as a natural entertainer, with a uniqueness that still stands out today. Following on from "The Stonemans" successes, Roni became a national icon in her own rite on "HEE HAW" as "The Ironing Board Lady" (Ida Lee), plus many other characters, and also including playing the Banjo with the likes of Roy Clark, Grandpa Jones, and Stringbean.

Roni had, and still possesses the ability to switch from sophistication to funny in an instant, and has a keen sence of humor. A terrific all round entertainer.

She is truly one of the great banjo masters of our time. She continues to play as strong as anyone you will hear that has ever picked up a banjo. A true Legend in her own lifetime.

Recently she formed her own new showband "Mountain Country Band" to create one of the best country music & bluegrass shows to ever come out of Nashville, TN. Roni Stoneman will make you laugh with her comedy, she will mesmerize you with her banjo playing, and now with her new band, she has a new and complete show.

Her show is tailor made for any venue.

The all girl band are great musicians you will instantly become a fan. Entertainers are not a dime a dozen as they say, but entertainment is all over the world, and Roni Stoneman is the consummate entertainer in the music industry. The band are each true artists in their own right. 

As one of histories greatest ever entertainers once said, "you aint heard nothin' yet" and a quote from Roni herself "hold onto your hat!"

She has earned and is undisputedly known as: "The First Lady Of Banjo"

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To Book Roni please contact Tom Connor. phone: 1-615-939-6620 or

email: banjo@ronistoneman.com.

Or alternative: contact Marty Martel at Midnight Special Productions. phone: 1-615-822-6718  

email: martymartel@bestdamnshows.com

Inquire if the band is available, as they appear only at selective events and at certain times of the year.


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